Video Corpus Solutions

Corpus OTT Media Service By Industry:


Our video solution can help you in launching your own video OTT platform that can form the basis for a wide range of new services that you can provide to your customers with the best possible experience. You will enter in the OTT value chain, and develop the capabilities needed to win.

In today’s world where OTT companies like Netflix, Skype and Google have encroached the telecom sector, our video solutions can help the telco operators to use their distinct assets and

capabilities, their fixed and wireless networks, their millions of customers, and the fully integrated customer data, logistics, and other services. Our solution can help you benefit from e-commerce, advertising, and digital media content. With Corpus, operators can capture a larger share of the value pools now being opened up through new technologies and business models in a variety of industry verticals. Our video solution helps telco operators to:

  • Upgrade to their next-generation networks which will give them the ability to provide a variety of advanced services.
  • Upgraded traffic management
  • Tiered quality of service
  • “big data” and customer analytics
  • Advanced security
  • Location-based services
  • Sophisticated cloud computing.


Broadcasters and Multi-Service Operators (MSOs) are striving up to get ahead in VOD industry and release their own video OTT platform to gain a big number of subscribers. Execute your IPTV strategy with Corpus. Launch your own branded Multi-Screen Internet TV in just 6 weeks.

There is no doubt that with today’s declining traditional broadband and voice revenues affecting traditional telecom operators as well as cable operators, next generation MSOs must covert challenges into opportunities for securing their future.

Experts close to the industry also believe that this is clearly the way forward when it comes to strengthening the relationship with customers and partnership with content creators. This is where MSOs are teaming up with OTT players in terms of realizing these opportunities.

Our video solution can help Broadcasters and MSOs :

  • To improve video delivery.
  • To stream live content.
  • The integration of third-party VOD applications and cloud-based services like integration, and provides full control over user interfaces and upgrades.
  • To launch your IPTV on media inventories such as Roku, Amazon Fire, and ChromeCast
  • Offers an end-to-end real-time policy control and charging, centralized product catalog, provisioning, mediation for Cable MSOs.
  • Enables MSO’s to offer bundled plans of Cable TV and data services to pre-paid, post-paid, enterprise and residential customers, and thereby effectively monetizing the next-generation digital experience.
  • Presents a convergent platform providing a single bill view to the customers for multiple services subscribed, better enabling, Franchise, Broadcaster & Content/OTT Partner Management engine for revenue sharing and seamless settlement.


Our video OTT suite help Pay TV operators control OTT distribution to establish themselves in the industry, reach out to new markets and make themselves more agile. You can connect your subscribers with rich and intuitive TV everywhere apps.

  • Provide the widest set of options
  • Save money and grow revenue
  • Create viable path to eventual all-IP delivery


Our solutions allow video content providers to deliver their content to the consumers to give them a personalized experience with regional and differentiated content at the same time.. You can streamline video delivery workflows and monetize your content and engage your users with a multi-screen experience.

With the growth of OTT, content providers can have a one stop solution for monetizing their content.

Our solutions will help content aggregators

  • Easy & smooth delivery of content
  • Expand their markets by reaching out to new customers.
  • Monetize their content effectively
  • Efficient utilization of their content


Media companies are racing after platforms for hosting videos and movies. Studios, Distributors, Production houses, or Independent Filmmakers can now launch their own video, OTT platform across Web, Mobile and TV in just 6 weeks using our video technology suite.

Launching an OTT platform has never been easier! With our OTT solutions you get additional benefits too.

  • A far superior consumer experience
  • Delivering statistics and information
  • Monetization y
  • Reduce cost of delivery
  • Synchronize the main TV screen with a mobile device, and complement the main advert with a secondary advert, or corresponding information on a connected device
  • Create a more advanced targeting of adverts


Enrich the classroom experiences and increase student’s engagement using online learning as your base model. Corpus is creating the next wave with OTT in the education industry.

Tech-savvy educators know they must stay on top of the myriad changes and trends in education to learn how teaching and learning can best benefit from technology's near-constant change.

  • Learning a second language, building on communication skills and absorbing other cultures has never been easier
  • A time, money and resource saving solution for all educators

OTT Origin and Packager

Corpus OTT Origin & Packager is a professional platform for OTT and IPTV service providers. Content providers and Broadband operators can transcode, record archives, manage users, threads, and deliver multi-protocol video (live and on-demand) to connected devices. Its monitoring module keeps track of the video traffic and can provide real time stats for traffic and sessions.

Our transcoding platform has built-in algorithms for video optimisation and is proven to deliver high video quality streams in multiple IPTV/OTT implementations. OTT/IPTV service providers can now benefit from its software defined video processing and deliver best in class cost per stream infrastructure for multiscreen applications.

It is Capable of taking multiple types of inputs and multiple formats. It delivers live Multi bit rate video with popular CDN support. COPPER variants power from entry level enterprise to large OTT/IPTV service provider needs with its flexible SB, EL and HE Chassis. In combination with its Corpus CMS and Falcon Edge CDN the solution delivers OTT work flow with mezzanine formats and DRM integration for the customers for their monetization needs.

  • Software defined video processing and acceleration using in-built algorithms
  • Processes multiple video inputs over IP and multiple IP outputs
  • MPEG2, H264, HEVC Codec flexibility for LIVE delivery
  • Dynamic parameter management
  • Multibit rate and dynamic bitrate management
  • Monitor Manage Video quality on the fly
  • Integrated with CMS CORPUS, CDN and other popular CDNs
transcoding workflow

Technical Specifications:

  • Multiple Gigabit IP interface bundled over etherchannel
  • TS/ UDP (Unicast and multicast SPTS and MPTS)
  • TS/RTP (Unicast and multicast SPTS and MPTS)
  • IP-cameras, Stored files
  • MPEG2 o MPEG4
  • H.264
  • Fixed and variable frame rate
  • Standard and non-standard resolution
  • 1080p@60 up to 25Mbps for live delivery
  • Error reporting for input streams
  • Video pass through
  • MPEG1 Layer2 & Layer3
  • Dolby™-AC3, AAC-MPEG2
  • Up to 8 channels 24 bit, 96KHz audio
  • Up to 96KHz sampling frequency
  • Audio pass through
  • DVB Subtitles
  • Input stream switching-manual/failure driven
  • Input file looping
  • Input archiving with slicing
  • Auto sensing of incoming media, media info
  • Input stream view on web console
  • Apple HLS, Adobe HDS
  • Mpeg DASH, Adobe RTMP, RTSP
  • HLS
  • Multi DRM Support
  • AES 128 encryption for HLS
  • nDVR simultaneous storage for VOD
  • Thumbnails preview on web console
  • Web based UI o Express Job Settings
  • Pre and post job scripts
  • Jobs scheduling and Prioritization
  • Dynamic parameter changing while job is running
  • System configuration backup and restore
  • CentOS
  • Optional RAID
  • Up to 6 Gigabit ports

Corpus Intelligent CDN Edge

Corpus is powering Service providers in the digital transformation with its Intelligent Edge Platform that can deliver high quality streaming services and seamless video experiences to their end users. In addition, it provides protective browsing of sites, users, devices, data centers, clouds.

In specific terms, CDN Edge is providing the following primary benefits to a business:

  • Performance
  • Availability
  • Security
  • Intelligence
  • Pattern predictability


  • High quality web and mobile experiences – CDN push/pull ensures all the configured video profiles availability at the edge to ensure a continuous flow of video, streams can be chosen by the CPE based on last mile bandwidth or the device capabilities.
  • Realtime route optimisation – Edge CDN failovers technology leverages the intelligence in the Corpus IPTV MW and re-routes the traffic to the nearest Edge CDN.
  • Effortlessly HTTP 2 and IPv6 – Supports IPv6 and HTTP 2 for efficient delivery of content.
  • Traditional HTTP 1.1 and IPv4 – Supports tradition HTTP 1.1 and IPv4.
  • Get high visibility into asset delivery and performance – Centralised CDN control dashboard for performance & health status of Edge CDN’s. Asset consumption detail along with the profile details.
  • Real time content consumption analytics
  • Configurable PUSH/PULL to conserve backbone bandwidth – Predictive or manual PUSH/PULL configuration on the CDN Edge to pre-empt content availability.
  • Delivering consistent high quality experiences at Scale – Seamless switching between profiles for large number of live and stored content to high number of audience.
  • Scaling on the fly from very few clients to thousands with minimal HW upgrade
  • Low Latency – sub-second latency with every CDN tier induction in the video path
  • High availability and robust streaming architecture allowing local rtmp stream entry point at the Edge CDN.
  • Multi-tier CDN subsystem with sub-second delay.
  • Centralized logging and health management.
  • Tight integration with Corpus IPTV/OTT application to leverage the app intelligence

DRM: Digital Rights Management

Corpus DRM™ is a on premise content encryption solution, ideal for IPTV Service providers to prevent unauthorized redistribution of digital media and restrict the ways consumers can view, copy content they've purchased. Corpus DRM guarantees seamless content encryption of content in both multicast (UDP) and unicast (TCP – HLS & Dash) using AES-CBC encryption algorithm and AES-128 bit dynamic key. The key exchange between the server and the client device is secured with a 3-tier proprietary algorithm in conjunction with industry standard protocols.

Corpus DRM™

Key Features:

Multiplatform solution – Connected STB devices including Android, iOS Corpus DRM™ client is available for all variations of Android and IOS devices (including, but not limited to Mobiles, Pads, STB’s). The DRM client uses digital fingerprinting to protect the client database in an encrypted format. These “fingerprints” capture information is unique to each subscriber & device. Each device has a unique database key which will not be accessible on any device other than the one on which it was dynamically created.

Using industry standard AES-128 bit key

AES is NIST-certified and is used by the US government for protecting “secure” data, which has led to a more general adoption of AES as the standard symmetric key cipher of choice by just about everyone. It is an open standard that is free to use for any public, private, commercial, or non-commercial use. AES is widely regarded as the most secure symmetric key encryption cipher yet invented.

Uses AES-CBC encryption algorithm

CBC (Cipher Blocker Chaining) is an advanced form of block cipher encryption. With CBC mode encryption, each ciphertext block is dependent on all plaintext blocks processed up to that point. This adds an extra level of complexity to the encrypted data. The practical difference is best illustrated with this graphic :

Unencrypted Data
Unencrypted Data

ECB MODE Encrypted Data
ECB MODE Encrypted Data

CBC Mode Encrypted Data
CBC Mode Encrypted Data
Protects live streaming, catchup (archive), VOD and PVR

Corpus DRM™ is modular in the implementation approach, separate modules are to be licensed for use with Live streaming (multicast and unicast), Catchup (archive) with time bound rules, VOD with pay per view options, PVR with storage device paring etc..

OTA Support for Software, Security and License

Because of the modular approach, the DRM software and security algorithm can be updated independently using forced OTA

Typical implementation schema
Multicast Content (UDP)-

multicast iptv implementation
Unicast Content (HLS/Dash) –

Unicast Content

CMS: Content Management System

Handle your content with easy to use Content Management System to Create channel line-up and categorize genres.

Corpus Content Management server and client device applications enable IPTV and OTT TV anywhere viewing. This is a cloud enabled system with role base access control (RBAC) built on a central database, which can be accessed through a standard web-browser and internet connection from anywhere to manage the operations.

Corpus CMS components include

  • Device & Asset Management
  • Content Packaging
  • Subscriber Management
  • Recommendations
corpus CMS component dashboard


Measure the ROI & track performance of video content, user journey and behaviour.

Corpus Analytics capture user wise and device wise usage data to provide market intelligence to marketing and network operations teams to take informed decisions. Reporting tools allows query based extraction of data to bring sense to the services provided. Corpus Analytics can also be used for advertising and content recommendation to users such as most trending or most popular content being watched on the network. The Real-time dashboard of analytics gives a quick glance of the load and usage.

SMS: Subscriber Management System

Add, Analyze and Customize your Subscriber Profiles in no time

Corpus Subscriber Management System is a cloud enabled system with role base access control (RBAC) built on a central database, which can be accessed through a standard web-browser and internet connection from anywhere to manage the operations.

The major components for Subscriber Management System are:

  • Subscriber Information Management
  • Packaging and Pricing
  • TV Purchase / Order Management
  • Device Management
  • Service Provisioning
  • Billing
  • Payment processing
  • Reports
  • Operator Mobile APP
  • Integration Module

Multi screen

Streamline your OTT Video on Apps

VideoCorpus is a ready-to-deploy set of multiscreen applications developed to enable Media companies, Content owners, Telcos and Operators to quickly launch their own online OTT TV App, Video or Audio OTT streaming and TV Everywhere services and experience across multiscreen. VideoCorpus comes with a suite of multi screen apps across multiple connected devices including PCs, iOS, Android and Windows devices, Apple TV and Roku OTT boxes.

Corpus has an end-to-end, ready-to-go multi screen apps framework enabling content owners to rapidly deliver live and on-demand media to their own fully branded multi-screen app. Establish your own white-labeled platform to cater all the video OTT streaming needs in no time.

Give a personalized feel to your customers with our fully featured OTT streaming native applications which can quickly adapt to your business requirements.

Progressive Web Apps

OTT streaming browser

Mobile & Tablet

OTT APP streaming OS

Connected Devices

OTT multi screen app

Ad configuration

If you’re not monetizing from ads, you’re not monetizing at all. With our vast ad database, we help you strategize ads and engage your viewers even more!

Corpus Video Service Delivery Platform (SDP) allows its TV audiences to search for content such as live channels, on demand content and thrid party applications through its app store. While browsing content users run through various UI screens which give the opportunity to present advertisements while watching TV. APSFL middleware has inbuilt AD management module to deliver ADs on the IPTV CPE UI and on demand content.

With Corpus Ad Management System you can easily manage ad campaigns, define target audience and types of advertisements to present.

Corpus AD Management System comes with some amazing features/benefits. They are as follows :) Key Benefits/Features

  • GUI Advertisement–on Menu Screens.
  • Insert video and banner ads during preview and playback of on-demand content
  • Supports targeting of ads based on location, device, age, etc.
  • configure and schedule the ads for specific duration such as time of day
  • Service Providers / Operators have options to connect Google VAST to get a share of ad revenues and can continue to use their existing ad network to place ads on the GUI and within their VOD content. Our AD engine helps to configure the time duration, time of day and can measure the view count.

Boot up/Welcome Screen

Channel Info Bar