SI Services of Corpus

SI Services centered on deploying state Fiber grids, end to end IPTV solutions, FTTH deployments, OTT platform implementations, Cable TV platforms, smart home & smart city solutions so on.

To allow our customers to remain focused on their business and revenue generating activities, Corpus can take the overall responsibility for the delivery of the end-to-end turnkey solution or a part. Corpus is therefore the contact point for the customer and providing consultancy service for the design of the end-to-end platform, the evaluation of components and overall system integration services including deployment, integration, testing, validation, acceptance and on-site training and handover.

Corpus SI services are focused to meet the customer's business needs & goal, there by utilizing its full potential and expertise in bringing multiple systems from many global vendors together, which involves using off the shelf, pre-configured or completely customized hardware or software components. Corpus ensures that the solution offered is delivered within the timelines and budget constraints agreed on with the customer. Corpus has the most comprehensive product portfolio in this industry, offering the multi-tier solution to each of the customer types from partner vendors. Corpus has developed partnerships with key digital TV technology vendors to provide the required solutions. We work with trusted partners that offer the highest standards of quality and customer service, and are in line with our long-term customers commitment. Below describes our expert areas:

  • End to End Solution
  • Security
  • Headend-IPTV, OTT and 2nd screen
  • BSS-Billing, CRM, Selfcare, Online Payment

Service providers, ISVs(Independent Software Vendor) and Original Equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are struggling to keep their platforms open and compliant with industry & regulatory standards. It is very challenging to maintain low platform costs and to survive the intense competition from across value chain. On the other hand it is very important to develop innovative solutions and also providing unique experiences for their consumers. Middleware, EPG and Application utilizes the real power of the STB's insides Chipset/Processor, RAM, Flash & 3D GPU, that is why it is very important to get your middleware platform components perfectly fit into the STB. Corpus with hundreds of man year experience in dealing with all types of chipset is the right choice as the technology partner for carrying out Porting, Application development and System integration to reduce the product design costs, time to market and development risks.

Corpus offers expertise knowledge in the development and porting of MHP/MHEG/OPENTV/OCAP/tru2way platform middleware for digital set-top boxes and integrated digital television solutions. It is one of the first companies to provide porting services on MHP/MHEG/OPENTV/OCAP/tru2way platform middleware, and the first company to assist a Middleware product to get MHP compliant certification. To extend this expertise to the industry, Corpus offers designed services to expedite the middleware integration process and minimize the costs required to develop an MHP/MHEG/OPENTV/OCAP/tru2way platform set-top box. Corpus provides Service providers, Middleware, STB OEMs and vendors with the following instructions, support, and integration services:

Our Porting Services in IPTV, Hybrid, Cable, Satellite space are:
  • Platforms: ATSC, OpenCable, DVB-S/C/T, ISDB-T/S, IPTV, OTT
  • Standards: MHEG5 (UK Profile, SA Profile, NZ Profile), OCAP/ACAP, MHP, HbbTV
  • Interactive TV - MHEG5, GEM, EBIF, Tru2Way, MHP 1.x
  • OS: Linux, RTOS, Win32, Android
  • Chipsets: ST, BCM, NEC, Mstar, Ali, Montage, Hisilicon, ARM Cortex 9 (Amlogic, Rockchip, Allwinner, Astar)
  • DTV/STB Middleware Development/Porting/Sustenance
  • Chipsets: ST, BCM, NEC, Mstar, Ali, Montage, Hisilicon, ARM Cortex 9 (Amlogic, Rockchip, Allwinner, Astar)
  • Custom/Legacy Middleware Development/Porting/Sustenance
  • Board Support Packages, Device Drivers Development I2C, SmartCard, DVB-CI, Demux, USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth, IR, Tuner
  • Codec Development - MPEG2, H.264, WMV, MP3, AAC, AC3
  • Reference Design - ATSC, DVB-S/C/T, ARIB/ISDB
  • STB Testing and certification
Value Added Services

The TV service operators across globe are faced with beyond digitization challenges & opportunities to get maximum out of their investment on the next generation digital platform. The operators today are faced with questions..

  • How can I get better ROI on my investment?
  • How can I be Competitive to newer technology platform OTT/IPTV/Hybrid?
  • How can I generate more Stickiness with my Customers?
  • How can improve Operational Efficiency in managing my network and customers?

Corpus has worked with many service operator to build tailor made revenue generation VAS applications. The improved operational efficiency across multiple STBs and Chipsets provides mush required for meeting technical feasibility for successfully running the VAS applications. Interactive paid services platform covering Kids, Lifestyle, Religion and Gaming are shown good acceptance from the all walks of the society. Below are Corpus' VAS applications:

Corpus offerings focuses on components like Middleware, Applications (PVR, OTT, Catch up TV, VOD), VAS, Widgets, Multi screen OTT App, Backend Servers, etc. as framework based services. Corpus is expanding, developing and deploying products & strengthening operations beyond traditional offerings SCAS (Solutions Components As Services) to STB OEM's, CAS vendors, System Integrators, MSOs / Cable Operators, Telco Operators and other eco-system partners worldwide. Corpus offerings takes "prefabricated" software approach which can significantly reduce the time to market from concept to delivery. Corpus offerings include the following:

  • DVB-Java Middleware Framework - Variants: SD/HD Zapper, PVR, IP & Hybrid
  • Native Programme Guide
  • DVB-JAVA VAS Applications
  • MHEG/MHP Middleware Stacks
  • JVM
  • User Management and Provisioning Framework
  • Supported Platform: OTT, IPTV, Digital Signage, Hybrid TV, Second screen (Mobile, Tablet & PC)
  • Second Screen - HTML5
  • Supported Platform: OTT STB, Smart TV, Tablet, Smart Mobile & PC
  • Android TV Framework
  • Backend server framework
TV Applications Development

Corpus Software helps you address this challenge with our proven track record of developing hundreds of tailor-made TV applications. We are the leading provider of TV apps and services provided in the industry with success stories from Americas, Europe & Asia.

We have the right experience and the right technical skills required to develop interactive applications on all major technology platforms such as Cable, Satellite, Terrestrial, IPTV, OTT STBs, Connect TV, Games Consoles, Smart phones & Tablets, Web portals and other Emerging Devices. Over the decade experience, we have developed a wide range of application solutions including:


Platform: Linux & Android

  • GUI Development
  • Live TV Player enhancement: HLS, HDS, MPEG-DASH, MMS streaming support
  • VOD, NPVR, Live Pause
  • Youtube, Netflix, Bigflix and other video portals
  • Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, etc.
  • T-commerce
  • DRM Integration
  • Second Screen - HTML5
  • Hotel application with PMS integration
  • Hospital application with HMS integration
  • Community application with ERP integration
Hybrid STB (IPTV + Broadcast)

Platforms: Cable, Satellite & Terrestrial

  • Unified EPG (IPTV + Broadcasting channel)
  • IPTV Player enhancement: IGMP, RTMP, RTPS, HLS, HDS, MPEG-DASH, MMS streaming support
  • VOD, PVR, Push VOD
  • Advance Ad solutions
  • Rich UI
  • Dynamic UI(change of colors and look and feel of Menus, EPG)
  • OTT: Youtube, etc.
  • RSS Feed: News, Live sport updates, etc.
  • Social TV: Facebook, Twitter, Picasa
  • Community application with ERP integration
Smart TV

Platforms: Samsung, LG, SONY, VESTEL, Toshiba and others

  • OTT Streaming application
  • VOD, Catch-up TV, Video Portal
  • Interactive informative applications
  • Ordering
  • Games
Tablet & Smart phone

Platforms: Android, IOS, Windows 8, BB

  • OTT streaming apps
  • VOD & Catch up apps
  • EPG Extension
  • TV Remote
  • VOD Ordering
  • PVR Scheduling
Advanced STB - IP Enabled

Chipsets: ST, BCM, Mstar

Platforms: Cable, Satellite & Terrestrial
  • Video Overlay enabled GUI
  • IFrame enabled GUI
  • Advance Ad solutions
  • Rich UI, Dynamic UI
  • Mosaic, VOD, PVR: USB/SATA
  • Downloadable applications: Games, Information
  • RSS Feed: News, Live sport updates, etc.
  • Social TV: Facebook, Twitter, Picasa
  • Ordering: Pizza, Movie Tickets, etc.

Regular STB - Non IP

Chipsets: ST, BCM, MStar, ALI, NEC

Platforms: Cable, Satellite & Terrestrial

  • GUI Development
  • UI Banner Ads
  • Advance Ad solutions
  • NVOD
  • Radio
  • OTA
  • Multiple Audio
  • CAS integration
Automated Testing

S3 Group provides end-to-end testing solutions that combine system integration, test automation and advanced platform diagnostics. S3Group, head-quartered in Ireland is the Market leader in the DTV test automation systems with its StormTestĀ® products, focused on Digital TV for almost 20 years with more more than 40 operators using StormTest across 6 continents and 28 countries.

Major Target Sectors

  • Cable, DTH, IPTV operators
  • Digital receiver manufacturers
  • Reverse logistic / Device repair providers

Major Target Sectors

Corpus is the certified partner with S3 Group for marketing and technology services for StormTest products, focused to accelerate time-to-market and improve quality for our customers as they launch and operate new products. Corpus highlights the following through with collaboration with S3Group:

  • A cost effective delivery model, wherein the customer can leverage on the expert Professional Services for StormTest
  • Reduces test cycles and helps in faster time-to-market
  • Focus on product quality, stability and reliability
  • Customers can rely on the Corpus global presence for software and support.