Corpus Software solutions help you transform into a dynamic enterprise through actionable intelligence. We help you with faster and efficient deployment from consulting, articulation and development, to deployment and support and cloud migration targeting across verticals. Corpus can architect and implement Digital platforms delivering triple play solutions employing solution accelerators, process frameworks and jumpstart with POC's for any part of your business process.

With strong skills, expertise and experience in leading Telecom & Media software systems, networking and cloud we achieve constant innovation and faster implementation, helping customers receive sustainable and competitive growth, and also gain considerable cost savings.

Software Development

Developing a software product for the Media/ Entertainment/ Convergence industry is a tricky business. First there is the continuous pace of technology change continuously shaping and reshaping markets. Second as commercial models undergo churn and review, this can give rise to new opportunities or impede existing ones and this is an ongoing process as well. Third, with the increasing focus on regulatory change covering convergence related industries, in most countries, a further source of risk and opportunity is evident. In sum, you could say this is a high-risk, high-reward area for development, and retaining strategic flexibility and speed to market is paramount.

Easier said than done. People aren't cheap and as the market moves up and down everybody looks at the same labour pool. You need to then insulate the development effort against everyday changes and focus on quality. The market and investors will demand predictability no matter how new your technology or untested your proposition. The time to market challenge is ever present because somewhere somebody may be building the same product, faster. In sum, the key challenges you face as a Software Product Company, especially in the Media / Convergence industries, are:

  • To bring down cost
  • Improve time to market & release cycles
  • Improve quality - in the face of ongoing changes
  • Bring scalability/flexibility - to address ever changing opportunity spaces
  • Increase Predictability

Software Development

Corpus hybrid delivery model blends the mix of onshore, nearshore and offshore model to create a most mature software product development center. Corpus software offerings include:

  • TV Anywhere Enablement
  • SCAS
  • Games
  • Value Add Services