Case Studies

Live Channel Streaming and Distribution with local CDN

Corpus Introduction

Corpus is a Triple play services delivery platform provider for content owners, Pay TV service providers, Broadband Internet and Fiber to the home internet providers. Corpus Service delivery Platform is an end to end solution for service providers to launch Triple play services including Live TV (IPTV) + Internet + OTT apps. The Service delivery platform include:

  • Live Channels and VOD Transcoding
  • Origin Packager & DRM
  • Content Management
  • Edge CDN for Content Distribution
  • Analytics and Ad Insertion
  • IPTV Billing
  • Android STB Custom Launcher
  • Mobile APPs
  • OTT Contents

With this platform Service providers are able to provide:

  • IPTV Service
  • VOD, Timeshift and CatchupTV services
  • Super APP – A Bundled OTT app to their customers on Android Devices

Our solution is deployed across more than 1 million homes till date and growing to 4-5 million over the next two years. We are deploying our platform for Major MSOs and Broadband operators with a combined subscriber base of 15-20 million. We believe at least 20-30% of this subscriber base needs android devices over the next 2 years. While we deploy our platform to more potential customers, we are looking for a partner to bundle their devices along with our platform and offer to our customers. To evaluate our potential partner, we are releasing the RFI and would like to have detailed responses for us to shortlist.

Customer Requirement

The customer is currently running seven live channels over the Internet to its subscribers. The customer is using a third-party solution for encoding the Live source and has implemented Wowza Server for streaming out these channels over the internet to its subscribers to watch on its portal

Problem definition: Customer is unable to stream the content on the web portal due to traffic concentration on a single point and congestion of the internet link.

Solution Provided

Corpus Proposes the following solution to help customer in the Smooth streaming of its live channels to its subscribers on a web portal. Following is the overview of the proposed solution:

Corpus CMS and Subscriber Manager: Corpus CMS will help manage the content metadata, subscriber authentication, service provisioning and subscriber information management, analytics and monthly billing and payments.

Corpus Origin Packager & DRM: Replaces existing Wowza based solution and enacts a streaming origin server, Packages the RTMP input for feeding a single copy of each of the live source to every CDN edge. Corpus Origin Packager & DRM will be implemented on customer hardware on their premises.

Corpus Edge CDN: CDN Edge will pull the Live streams from the origin and cache the content, Cached content is served to all the subscribers connected to the particular cdn-edge. When the cdn-edge is strategically placed in the telco premise, all the subscribers under the telco will be served from the cdn-edge.

Corpus Milestones

Origin Packager & DRM Server Hardware

Hardware Configuration Throughput No. Of Servers Scaling Redundancy
NTEL® XEON® Latest processor (Min 2.5 GHz CPU Clock Rate)No of Processors Support 2; No of Cores 16128 GB RAM;256/512GB SAS HDDLAN: 10Gbps 2No.s PCIe Card Gen 3.0; iDRAC/ iLOOS: CentOS Latest Stable Ver./ free BSD 5Gbsp Through put 1 Add another Server 1+1 preferable

Hardware required for CDN Edge:

Hardware Configuration Throughput No. Of Servers Scaling Redundancy
INTEL® XEON® Latest processor (Min 2.5 GHz CPU Clock Rate) No of Processors Support 2; No of Cores 16 128 GB RAM; 256/512GB SAS HDD LAN: 10Gbps 2No.s PCIe Card Gen 3.0; iDRAC/ iLO OS : CentOS Latest Stable Ver./ free BSD 5Gbsp Through put 1 Based on Load and Network Analysis we will Suggest the No of Server Required. 1+1 preferable

Benefits of our Solution

Following are the salient features of the solution –

1. Bandwidth constraints at the customer location are avoided. Assuming that each of the channels is encoded with a 2Mbps profile, 7 live channels will need 14 Mbps of upstream bandwidth per CDN-Edge only. This is also a cost-saving proposition as there is no need for huge internet bandwidth.

2. Supports adaptive streaming, when multiple bitrate sources are provided to the Origin server from the encoder

3. Improving the quality of service and experience to the subscriber by strategically placing the CDN-Edge at the telco and reducing the delay and latency. The subscriber traffic is intranet (local) traffic to the telco.

4. Resilient solution – In case of a CDN-Edge outage, the traffic can be seamlessly re-routed to the CDN-Edge in other telco’s over the Internet without affecting the viewers.

5. CDN-Edge and the origin server communicate over a secure channel for securing any possibilities of content piracy.